Zach Herdman


EPOCHE - "suspension of judgment"


Throughout my entire life I have been endlessly fascinated with the duality of the human spirit. Because it is within the depths of the human spirit that we find the ultimate contradiction: form and chaos. Form represents itself as the language of the human being and in essence is how we perceive our universe (through endless explanation and categorization). However, the world that we find ourselves inhabiting is infinitely chaotic and lacks the ability to be explained or even perceived in its entirety: It is the void, the unknown, the infinite. Curiously it is between these two infinities that we find our own consciousness existing. Constantly fluctuating between understanding and the unknown; at times descending below the surface of our consciousness to reveal a moment void of understanding and comprehension only to reemerge to the physical world with a better understanding of its depth and intensity. This Project is a visual passage to the depths of the unconscious where one truly finds themselves suspended between form and chaos.

Special Thanks to: Michael Betancourt, John Colette, Dominique Elliott, James Gladman, Duff, Austin Shaw, and MOMELove.